Business insurance in China: How can we mitigate risks in China.

Expanding your business in another country is full of uncertainty and risks. We offer insurance solutions in China to mitigate risks so you can focus on your business, and move forward full of confidence.

Expanding your business in another country is full of uncertainty and risks. We offer insurance solutions in China to mitigate risks so you can focus on your business, and move forward full of confidence.

As the Chinese economy becomes increasingly consumer-driven, the market is full of business opportunities. Of course, many foreign companies are keen to penetrate the Chinese market. To make sure you can hit your target, risk management is key for companies operating China.

In order to ensure the success and continuity of your operations, insurance is paramount to manage risks. Commercial insurance in China such as property all risks, business interruption, public, employers and product liability insurance is a must. Insurances for corporations gives a sense of security in a new environment.

The insurance market in China is developing

With the foundation of the People’s Republic of China in 1949, the establishment of the People’s Insurance Company of China (PICC) paved the way for the growth of the insurance market in China. Over the past years, the Chinese insurance market has become more mature with a diversity of insurance products that meet the day-to-day needs of the Chinese citizens.This is reflected by the increase of the Chinese market share in the global market share from 0%, in 1980 to 11% in 2018. China is now the second largest market in the world.

Four insurance products to safeguard your business in China

General insurance in China

The duty of ARMS is to help you to turn risks into gain. General insurance offers the most effective solutions to mitigate losses. It consists of property all risks, business interruption insurance, liability insurance and transport insurance.

Property all risks insurance protects against all kind of physical accidents to property owned, co-owned, in care or custody, such as buildings, machinery, inventories, etc. There are several scenarios where property all risks insurance can mitigate loss. For instance, when a severe typhoon hits, a factory can be totally flooded, damaging all the machines inside. A tornado can dismantle buildings in few minutes, a warehouse fire can cause a total loss of stock. Property insurance also plays an important role to protect against damages to machinery which occur while in operation, as they are critical equipment to generate income.

In addition, liability insurances provide a strong support to foreign entities operating in a country with different regulations and laws.

The fast growing insurance market provides extensive coverage for all types of physical property.

To learn more about business insurance, browse our Business Insurance in China report below:

Why insurance through ARMS is an essential part of risk management in China

l. We are an experienced insurance broker in China

ARMS has a rich experience in the Chinese market, combined with a good understanding of international insurance practices. With more than 15 years experiences specializing risk management for businesses in China, we established good relationship with Chinese insurers, contribute to the design of new products allowing companies to face new challenges.

2. We partner with a variety of insurance providers

In order to provide best solutions to mitigate business risk in China, we partner with top class worldwide insurers in China and abroad. Our partners include Pingan, AXA, Huatai, CPIC Allianz, Asia-Pacific P&C and more. Moreover, we do have access to top rated insurers, insurers outside of China.

3. Customized solutions

Although we partner with many insurers, we are 100% independent from insurance companies. We act in the best interest of our clients by providing the most favorable terms and conditions.

To manage your business risks so you can optimize your growth, insure your business today, please contact ARMS or reach out to me through LinkedIn!