Medical Insurance

Safeguard your employees’ or family’s health
Keep them healthy and productive
Provide necessary medical treatment to everyone

What is Medical Insurance?

• Comes in many shapes and forms with the purpose of providing access to the local healthcare providers at your place of residence or worldwide.
• Keeps any medical issues from potentially becoming a hindrance in everyday life.
• Provides support to everyone under an international assignment.
• For local nationals, supplemental medical programs afforded by the company may significantly enhance the convenience and cover given to employees and their families.

High-end Medical Insurance

• High-end medical insurance refers to policies that have rich benefit limits, access to international clinics and hospitals and provide covers worldwide.
• These products are available to both local nationals and foreigners.
• They can be purchased individually or be a part of a company’s employee benefit scheme.

Social Medical Insurance Supplemental Cover (Top-up Plan)

• This product line caters exclusively to local Chinese employees.
• Supplemental medical insurance provides higher benefits, wider hospital access with the possibility to include one’s family members.